Surgical Centers

need imageSurgical centers have a unique need for the proper disposal of their medical waste products. Quite often the need depends on the size of their operating facility whether it is large or small. Medical waste pick up requirements depend heavily on the types and amount of waste generated.   Below are typical waste streams surgery centers encounter:

The above-mentioned Medical Waste and other subcategories of surgical waste can contribute significantly to a facility’s disposal costs if not disposed of within the confines of the law.  As your number #1 source for surgical waste removal and disposal, BIOLOGIC has established a turnkey system to efficiently manage customers’ medical waste and hazardous waste for surgical centers in the following manner:

BIOLOGIC offers customized training to help customers and their employees better manage surgical centers’ waste in the following areas:

Some surgical centers are using mixtures of various medical products and do not properly dispose of the discarded items, this is where BIOLOGIC comes in to provide professional management of these bio-hazardous items without you the customer having to worry about how proper disposal will be handled. 

Please call our offices at (510) 265-1900 to work with our Biologic Consultants to identify the difference between Hazardous Waste and Medical Waste, as well as receiving professional waste management assistance that enables surgical center to remain compliant and maintain your responsible corporate citizen status. Take full advantage of the exemptions which exist for the small quantity waste generators.

Our Consultants are trained to discreetly carry out their responsibilities, without disrupting your operations. We can also monitor the amount of medical waste generated by each department at your facility through a specialized tracking system