Pharmaceutical Waste Program

need imagePharmaceutical Waste Disposal has been receiving a tremendous amount of attention in the industry from both state and federal regulators. One of the increasing concerns by regulators is the mixing of pharmaceutical waste. BIOLOGIC is uniquely positioned to manage this waste disposal challenge which enables us to classify the pharmaceutical waste into three primary categories in California: (1) Medical Waste Pharmaceuticals (non-RCRA and non-hazardous), (2) Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) pharmaceuticals, and (3) DEA Controlled Substances. With our combined 40 years of industry experience, we recognize the necessity to further assist our customers by dividing the RCRA pharmaceuticals into federally listed waste streams and/or four sub-categories which are: toxic, ignitable, corrosive, and reactive hazardous waste materials.

Please contact your BIOLOGIC consultant for specific instructions.

Our Consultants are trained to discreetly carry out their responsibilities, without disrupting your operations. We can also monitor the amount of medical waste generated by each department at your facility through a specialized tracking system.