Governmental Agencies Waste

need imageMany local government agencies mandate that households and small businesses recycle or properly dispose of their hazardous wastes. Additionally, some organizations may pay extraordinary amounts to dispose of their waste or pay large fines.  BIOLOGIC helps you the customer to better manage hazardous waste at your facility at a fraction of the cost.
What if no appropriate recycling or disposal options are readily available to you?

One word: BIOLOGIC. Laws and policies are rapidly evolving and may subject portions of your equipment to hazardous waste regulation. It is important to correctly manage these materials, and as the laws evolve so too will options for managing your hazardous waste.

Organizations can join BIOLOGIC to make a difference, either as a customer, advocate, or both. Customers partner with BIOLOGIC to change their own behavior and track their own internal waste reduction efforts, while endorsers are state and local government agencies, trade associations, nonprofit organizations, and businesses that help their customers and constituents realize that reducing solid waste makes good business sense.